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Tenacity has been providing C&A support to the National Security community for over five years. In this time, not only has Tenacity reduced the complexity and promoted smart security investments for our customers, but also contributed to the NIST and CNSS standards for C&A. Tenacity staffs the C&A test teams at multiple National Security agencies. Tenacity engineers are in high demand to brief the C&A best practices at National Security conferences.

Tenacity's understanding of the requirements of FISMA and the methods and best practices of C&A allow us to offer a service to provide C&A services on a Fixed-Price basis. Whereas only government accreditation officers can issue Approvals to Operate (ATOs), Tenacity can coach system developers, integrators, or end-users through the C&A process and produce all the required artifacts.

Until now, the only options for external C&A of systems was to submit to a third party lab. These labs, however, require a fully functional system and "months" to test. Multi-month engagements often exceed the time it takes to develop such systems and by the time the evaluation is complete, the next version is available. Unlike these labs, Tenacity recognizes that the key compliance decisions are made at the design stage of a system. Therefore, Tenacity engages a customer at the design stage and supports it throughout development. Doing so ensures that security testing can be completed along with system testing and at the same pace.

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"At Tenacity, it's true that their people are the most important. Before joining Tenacity I had always heard that they truly take care of their people, and after spending one year with them, it's true. Tenacity recognizes that without the people there is no Tenacity. If you want to join a company that is passionate about their people, Tenacity is the place. People matter!"

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