Tenacity Security Engineers are at the forefront of developing secure wireless and mobility solutions for the Intelligence Community. As mobility becomes increasingly important, understanding how to secure and protect wireless technologies and other mobility solutions, like tablets, becomes critical.  

In this evolving area, there are no silver bullets.  Consumer-oriented mobility solutions simply do not have the requisite level of security and integrity.  Commercial technologies anchored to public Internet-based infrastructures/clouds do not easily transplant to the on-premise needs of national security systems. 

Through its research and development and engineering efforts, Tenacity can bring clarity and understanding to agencies struggling with concepts like "Bring your own device", secure mobile platforms, and classified wireless infrastructures.  With our thorough understanding of the current state of technology and its residual risks, we can coach agencies through to mobility solutions that match their risk tolerance.  

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Risk Management Brian Woolfolk

"At Tenacity, it's true that their people are the most important. Before joining Tenacity I had always heard that they truly take care of their people, and after spending one year with them, it's true. Tenacity recognizes that without the people there is no Tenacity. If you want to join a company that is passionate about their people, Tenacity is the place. People matter!"

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