Tenacity Researcher Presents at NotaCON

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Funnypots and Skiddy Baiting

Ever wanted to screw with those that screw with you? Honeypots might be ok for research, but they don't allow you to have fun at an attacker's expense the same way funnypot and skiddy baiting does. In this talk I'll be covering techniques you can use to scar the psyche or to have fun at the expense of attackers or people invading your privacy. Some of the topics to be covered are:

  • Fun with DNS and Loopback
  • SWATing for Packets
  • Lemonwipe your drive
  • Robots.txt trolling
  • And moreā€¦
Adrian Crenshaw has worked in the IT industry for the last thirteen years. He runs the information security website, which specializes in videos and articles that illustrate how to use various pen-testing and security tools.
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