Record Financial Year for Tenacity Solutions

Saturday, December 31, 2011
Tenacity Solutions ended 2011 with over $26 million in revenue, a 25% increase over 2010's $21M in revenue.  This brings its 5-year CGAR back up to almost 15% during the longest downturn in US economy in generations.

The $5m in new revenue was gained on existing work expansion and the addition of one new customer market.  

Tenacity looks forward to continuing its growth into 2012. 
what employees are saying dotted line
Risk Management Brian Woolfolk

"At Tenacity, it's true that their people are the most important. Before joining Tenacity I had always heard that they truly take care of their people, and after spending one year with them, it's true. Tenacity recognizes that without the people there is no Tenacity. If you want to join a company that is passionate about their people, Tenacity is the place. People matter!"

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