Phantom Network Surveillance UAV at DEFCON

Saturday, August 3, 2013
Three-time DEFCON presenter and Tenacity Solutions Engineer Ricky Hill presented to a packed crowd of over 1000 at DEFCON 21 this Saturday.  Extending from his previous work of using amateur rockets, weather balloons, and boats as network surveillance, Hill placed a network analysis platform on a Phantom Quad-Copter Radio Controlled Drone.  

Hill was inspired to use this platform after reading about the DARPA UAVForge contest in 2011 where multiple teams flying UAVs costing tens-of-thousands of dollars failed to meet the baseline standards set by DARPA.  Whereas Hill's UAV also failed to meet the baseline, it scored in the same order of magnitude as UAVs costing ten times as much.

More information on Hill's presentation can be found on the DEFCON 21 site.

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