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How does the recruiting process work?

If your resume is a fit for work that Tenacity does, you will be contacted by a recruiter and phone screened. If you "pass" the phone screen, you will be brought in for a technical interview. If the technical interviewer deems you worthy of Tenacity employment, you will be made a conditional offer while we attempt to place you on a contract. The time between qualifying for Tenacity and starting work can take up to a year (due to required security background investigating) during which you will be in continuous contact with our recruiters. Once an opening is available and the security process is complete, you will be made a final offer and, upon accepting it, will negotiate a start date.

How does the security process work?

If you already have an SCI-level security clearance acceptable to the customer, the security process typically only involves a "cross-over" submission. If you have less than an SCI clearance or no clearance, you will complete a background statement and credit release which will be supplied to the customer for processing. Processing will include an extensive background check, and a  polygraph interview to verify the information supplied in your background statement.  Depending on your specific circumstances, the process may take as little as two months or more than a year.

I heard something about an annual "offsite"?

Each summer, Tenacity takes its employees and families out of town to a resort to conduct company-wide training and planning. We call this the annual Tenacity Off-Site. Originally, the company went to Las Vegas each year until the company got too big to fit in a single room at Treasure Island. Since 2007 the company has gone to the Wild Horse Pass in Phoenix, Az and Nemacolin Resort in Pennsylvania. In 2010, the company is headed to the W resort in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

And you have a picnic too?

Yes, each June, we take the employees and their families to the Water Mine in Reston, VA for a day at the water park, food, drinks, and games for the kids.

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Risk Management Brian Woolfolk

"At Tenacity, it's true that their people are the most important. Before joining Tenacity I had always heard that they truly take care of their people, and after spending one year with them, it's true. Tenacity recognizes that without the people there is no Tenacity. If you want to join a company that is passionate about their people, Tenacity is the place. People matter!"

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